Daily Contests

Daily contests include: best tattoo, ugliest tattoo, best sleeve, best pin-up, best portrait, best job stopper and many more!

Tattoo Schedule


All judges are impartial and unbiased. All entries are considered fairly and equally upon their own merit.
The performing artists remain anonymous until awards are presented; judging is based solely on the technical and artistic qualities of each tattoo.
The entrance fee for each contest is $10. Winning artists and/or collectors will win a plaque or trophy.
Both the tattoo artist and/or the collector must be present to receive their trophies.
Event photographer(s) will be present to photograph winners and contests.  Skin Deep Body Art Expo and The DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center reserves the right to publish these photographs for promotional and documental purposes.
Any individual may enter any contest provided the tattoo fits into the category chosen
No individual may enter more than three contests
No individual may enter the same tattoo in two categories, with the exception of Best Overall
Tattoo of the Day entries must have been done at the convention on the day of the contest
Register at the contest/event information booth at the show
More information will be available prior to the event and at the show
May the best tattoo win!

Do you think you’ll win a contest?